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2020 After-School Programs

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About Us

CodeChangers provides technology education experiences for children ages 8 to 18 in after-school, summer, and online programs, and empowers teachers to engage students with technology! We provide fun, hands-on curriculum and projects to expose students to the incredible diversity and versatility of technology. Kids who experience CodeChangers are able to discover new talents, interests, passions and career paths! Teachers who license our platform are able to earn extra income, enrich student understanding, and expand their own career!

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CodeChangers summer code STEM camps

Summer Tech Camps

Summer Tech Camps partner with businesses and schools like Vivint, Instructure and Dixie State University to host camps located in California, Utah and Montana. Our exciting, hands-on, four day camps include amazing projects, classes, and take homes! Some of our classes include virtual reality, video game programming, engineering, design and more!

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CodeChangers after school STEM program

After-School Programs

Our incredible After-School Programs are run by local teachers who are excited to get students into hands-on tech! Our curriculum is designed to inspire our students to create, learn, and love what they do after school. Classes have flexible dates, times, and locations so kids are sure to find one that fits just right.

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CodeChangers online program - learn to code

Online Platform

With our online program, kids have 24/7 access to computer science and web development lessons, as well as fun challenges! Schools can license this platform to teach in-school courses, as well. Any child who attends our Summer Tech Camps or After-School Programs gets 6 months of access for free!

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