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Our Mission

CodeChangers provides transformational technology experiences for K-12 kids while teaching vital industry skills that affect change within families, communities, and the world. We inspire kids to create with technology, not consume it. We offer an immersive education based on real skills, programming languages, and hands-on project building. CodeChangers provides positive role models to connect with and mentor kids. As we lead kids into the tech industry, we encourage futures that create equity, empowerment, and stable homes for our community.

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CodeChangers summer code STEM camps

Summer Tech Camps

CodeChangers partners with businesses and schools to host camps. Our exciting, hands-on, four day camps include amazing projects, classes, and take homes! Some of our classes include virtual reality, video game programming, engineering, design and more!

CodeChangers summer code STEM camps

After-School Programs

Our programs are run by local teachers who are excited to get students into hands-on tech! Our curriculum is designed to inspire our students to create, learn, and love what they do after school.

CodeChangers summer code STEM camps

Online Platform

With our online program, kids have 24/7 access to computer science and web development lessons, as well as fun challenges! Schools can license this platform to teach in-school courses.

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