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Change the World for a Child

We partner with businesses and schools throughout the country to help provide technology camps for local communities. When you host a summer tech camp, you don’t only invest in these kids for a week - you invest in their future.

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"We love partnering and hosting CodeChangers every year! The children love participating and it is such a fun and rewarding experience for us seeing the creativity and innovation in our future generations!"

~Kristina M. from Instructure

Host a summer tech camp with CodeChangers

Summer Tech Camp Structure

We know your staff is busy. That is why, at our four-day camps, we provide all of the supplies, staff, and services needed to help the kids have a great week. We need safe, quiet places to teach, internet and electricity, and a room to store our camp supplies. We want to make hosting a camp as easy on your facility as possible, while we help you make a difference for the children in your community!

Host a summer tech camp with CodeChangers and give back to the community

Give to Your Community and Your Employees


Hosting a technology camp can significantly impact the community. Specialized subjects such as computer science and web development are not often taught in education systems until late high school or college. This is where, with your help, we can make a difference. You can provide a venue where campers can learn about subjects that are scarce in a traditional classroom setting.


We can help you give back to your employees by hosting a summer tech camp for their children. With the option of having the camp open or closed to the public, we can help you show your appreciation to your dedicated team by giving the invaluable gift of education.

Host a summer tech camp with CodeChangers and change the world for a child

Help Kids to See Real-World Jobs in Action

The benefit of hosting a summer tech camp at a business or a university is that kids can see what it is like to work in a company or study at a school. Here you can inspire the campers and show them how you get the job done. Who knows? You might be looking at your next star student or employee!

Make a Difference for Children in Your Community Today!

With partners like you, together we will be able to help make a difference in the community. Not only does hosting a tech camp spread the word about how your company or school system helps local families, but your partnership can also expose children to subjects that are not often taught but are in high demand in the real world today. So with you, we won’t just host a camp. Together, we will change futures!

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